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Work From Home Employment Opportunities Exposed

Deciding to work from home is an easy decision for most people. Given the current state of our economy and the job market there are a lot of people looking for work from home employment opportunities. However, most people do not have the knowledge or skill set to have success in this demanding but rewarding industry.

In the next few minutes I will discuss three simple steps, which are used by the elite, that will bring you success in a work from home employment setting. Most home businesses are network marketing or MLM opportunities. There are hundreds of companies from MaryKay to Amway to MonaVie. Almost every company out there is legit and will pay you for the efforts you put in towards building the business.

The basic requirements for most network marketing or MLM companies are to sell the product/service and recruit others to do the same. Doing this correctly can create a snowball affect where you can sponsor hundreds of recruits and earn residual commissions on thousands of customers within your downline.

This brings up the first step to creating a six and seven figure income with any work from home employment opportunity. Its simple really….you must build a list. Building a list will create an endless supply of prospects to you that will fuel your business. Without a fresh supply of leads your business will not and cannot grow.

The second step is to to market to this list. If you want to make any sales or recruit others you must constantly communicate with your list in an effective manner. Traditionally, network marketers utilize phone skills to communicate with their prospects. However, new methods are being developed online that take advantage of email marketing technologies that automate this step. Using the internet to keep in contact and market to your prospects is a great tool to learn and use. There are many work from home employment opportunities but all require this step if you want to succeed.

Finally, the last step practiced by the elite and top income earners in the industry is leadership. Being a leader is not easy. You must develop into someone that people look up to and will follow. The use of self-improvement books and educational material is a must. If you asked anyone in the work from home employment industry that makes over six figures they will all tell you that reading is a MUST. Reading leadership and personal development books will become self evident to anyone that you come in contact with. This is the hardest, but most rewarding step in the process to becoming a six or seven figure income earner in the work from home industry.

Work at Home Employment

The economic downturn, redundancies and a pressure on family and leisure time, means there has never been a better time to consider work at home employment. I used to be like many of you out there, I used to commute about an hour each way to get to and from work. I used to spend about 10-12 hours a day in work, then get home tired, hungry, and missed my kids bedtime.

My boss always wanted more, I worked weekends and evenings, putting runs of 12 -14 days in a row without a day off. I spent no time with my family and hobbies were a distant memory. After nearly crashing my car, dozing off at the wheel, coming home one night, I decided that things needed to change. This all sound familiar? I know, but what do you do. I didn’t want to take much of a pay cut. I was on fairly good money, but money is no good with out a life to spend it on. I found my self spending more on things for my wife and daughter, I think I was trying to justify and compensate for not being around. I started to look long and hard at how I really wanted to live my life.

What would I do in an ideal world. It went something like this. I want to earn enough money to live comfortably, I decided if I could earn £100 per day, that would be enough, I did not want to “go to work”, I wanted to work from home, and I only wanted to work a few hours a day. I wanted the freedom to take time off when I wanted, I wanted time to do my hobbies and spend quality time with my family. I was looking for work at home employment. I know, I know, hopefully by now you’ve controlled your laughter to carry on reading,if this existed we would all be doing it. What a dream! As if this work at home employment dream actually exists. I’m going to cut to the chase, I actually went looking for this dream scenario.

I looked for a long, long time. Then one day I came into contact with a guy who told me he was living exactly the life I had described. Not only that he was willing to invite me to join his small group of individuals who were all doing the same. They were living the work at home employment dream. Today, I earn anywhere up to £2000 a day, I work about 3 hours a day, some times I do a bit more, some days I don’t work at all. I do it all from home on my laptop. I was shown and given all the skills and tools to this. I am now at a point in my business, that I am now ready to do for others, what this guy did for me and invite, other like minded people to join our work at home employment dream.

Employment Opportunities for Woodworkers

Plastic, metal and a variety of other materials have replaced many wood products but the demand for a number of wood objects, in first place furniture remains high and is even expected to rise over the following years due to population growth. Wood is preferred material for furniture worldwide and for that reason skilled and experienced woodworkers should not have any difficulties finding an employment though some types of job in woodworking industry such as machine operators, setters and tenders are estimated to grow more slowly. On the other hand, automatization of many woodworking processes will most likely result in increased demand for woodworkers with computer skills and highly qualified workers from the fields such as wood technology, wood engineering, furniture manufacturing, etc. as well as workers with a high school degree or equivalent education since the woodworking technology has become more sophisticated.

Most woodworkers are employed in industries that make wood (for example sawmills), wooden furniture and other wood products, and small shops producing furniture, architectural wood, wooden artworks, etc. However, increased use of semi or fully automated machinery has opened a new spectrum of woodworking jobs and increased the demand for workers with knowledge and experience in computerized tools and machines such as computerized numerical control (CNC) machines that enables higher precision as well as greater production speeds and subsequently increased productivity.

Employment prospects are also good for model and pattern makers, and skilled woodworkers in the fields of furniture, cabinets, windows, stairs and molding. Custom and precision woodworkers are most sought after by smaller woodworking companies, while workers who have a college or university education can find employment in engineering, supervision and management. Less qualified woodworkers will significantly increase their employment opportunities in all fields of woodworking industry by getting a high school diploma (if not having it yet) and instructions in science, computer applications and mathematics.

In addition to employment opportunities in woodworking industries, skilled woodworkers and even hobby woodworkers can also start their own business and offer their products/services directly to customers or different woodworking industries. The competition in woodworking is tough but there is always room for innovative products, while many companies prefer to work with contractors rather than employing new workers especially in current economic conditions. In general, most successful are private businesses that are specialized in one niche, for example cabinet making. Starting own business can be also a good source of additional income.

Employment Guide for a Successful Job Search

This employment guide guides you in landing your dream job. You can say the jobs are in short supply because of the economic meltdown. Then, there are competitors with the same credentials as yours. We believe though that if a job is meant for you, it is yours. You must never rest until you have gained results of your labor.

Do not be contented with just handing out one resume to one company. Send out as many applications to companies as possible but be sure that you are applying for a job your qualifications would meet. Search for these dream jobs at search engine sites like Monster, Craigslist and JobStreet. These sites update their job classifieds daily.

Check the list of your friends and colleagues and see if you can ask someone to network you to a company with vacancy. Let them act as your employment guide. Do not be afraid to inquire as sometimes, these people have knowledge on vacancies that are not advertised in local classifieds.

You can join a network of like-minded individuals with the same profession as you have. They might have access to vacancies. If you are a member of the local architectural club, ask your fellow members for leads. This is one purpose of joining these groups.

Make a strong resume but don’t make up false credentials. This is your marketing tool. Write all the important facts in as few words as possible. Employers don’t like reading 3 pages of credentials unless if it is necessary. Mention only the experiences and trainings that are related to the vacancy. Don’t lie in your resume. If you don’t know how to edit images, don’t put that you are expert in Corel or Photoshop.

Also, check for grammatical errors in your paper. One blunder always mentioned by a seasoned employment guide is failure to proofread the resume. Employers are turned off once they see these errors, concluding that you don’t invest enough time in your application.

Educate yourself on your potential employer. Read about the company’s mission and vision. Learn about the nature of the business. Your potential employer would put additional points on you if he sees you took time in the research.

Prepare for a potential interview anytime soon. Always be prepared for that company call. Have your suits pressed and your portfolio tucked in your folder. Just remember that you need effort in finding your dream job. Find a credible employment guide, fortify your profile, and get results. You won’t get your dream job sitting at home.

Using Pre-Employment Testing to Screen Job Applicants

The hiring process can be complicated as you assess applicants to find the best one for your vacant position. You might consider screening people who apply for positions to narrow your selection and help you find the best candidates for the job.

Pre-employment testing may include a variety of different evaluations. These analyses can check cognitive aptitude, basic and specialized knowledge, skill sets, motor and physical abilities, intelligence, grammar and language skills, personality, and ethics. For example, if you have a position that requires a specific skill set or personality, you can use tools tailored precisely for the job you are trying to fill.

Pre-employment testing can also evaluate the ethics and integrity of job candidates to eliminate people who may be potential risks due to negative attitudes and personality traits. You can also include drug and chemical testing in your screening.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Employers who use the standard screening process of collecting resumes and applications and hold holding job interviews can miss many important details about candidates, but resumes and job applications can be deceptive, and interviews may not be a reliable indicator of a candidate’s future job performance. Employers who screen applicants can experience a number of benefits.

– When you analyze applicants prior to making a hiring decision, you can save time because you will be more likely to hire the best person from the start. Making hiring mistakes results in lost time and even lost revenue as you struggle with employee problems, potential customer service issues, and extended training time.

– Checking people prior to hiring also increases productivity, because you are more likely to hire better workers with a higher work ethic.

– You may find that your overall employee moral increases with pre-employment testing.

Choosing the Type of Screening

If you decide you want to use pre-employment testing in your hiring process, explore the different packages available to ensure that you choose one that fits your needs.

– Evaluations vary according to industry, so choose one that checks for issues applicable to your employees and type of business.

– Explore the scoring model of any evaluations. Check to see how valid the results are and how the tests certify results.

– Check the questions to ensure that they are not offensive or too personal. Questions should not violate Equal Employment Opportunity laws.

Moving forward with this type of screening will require time for scoring and then analysis of the scores. However, you should find that you can process a large pool of candidates much more quickly and efficiently when you analyze and test aptitude, skills, and personality. In the long run, your business should benefit from this screening process, because it helps you find the ideal employees to fill positions in your company.