Work at Home Employment

The economic downturn, redundancies and a pressure on family and leisure time, means there has never been a better time to consider work at home employment. I used to be like many of you out there, I used to commute about an hour each way to get to and from work. I used to spend about 10-12 hours a day in work, then get home tired, hungry, and missed my kids bedtime.

My boss always wanted more, I worked weekends and evenings, putting runs of 12 -14 days in a row without a day off. I spent no time with my family and hobbies were a distant memory. After nearly crashing my car, dozing off at the wheel, coming home one night, I decided that things needed to change. This all sound familiar? I know, but what do you do. I didn’t want to take much of a pay cut. I was on fairly good money, but money is no good with out a life to spend it on. I found my self spending more on things for my wife and daughter, I think I was trying to justify and compensate for not being around. I started to look long and hard at how I really wanted to live my life.

What would I do in an ideal world. It went something like this. I want to earn enough money to live comfortably, I decided if I could earn £100 per day, that would be enough, I did not want to “go to work”, I wanted to work from home, and I only wanted to work a few hours a day. I wanted the freedom to take time off when I wanted, I wanted time to do my hobbies and spend quality time with my family. I was looking for work at home employment. I know, I know, hopefully by now you’ve controlled your laughter to carry on reading,if this existed we would all be doing it. What a dream! As if this work at home employment dream actually exists. I’m going to cut to the chase, I actually went looking for this dream scenario.

I looked for a long, long time. Then one day I came into contact with a guy who told me he was living exactly the life I had described. Not only that he was willing to invite me to join his small group of individuals who were all doing the same. They were living the work at home employment dream. Today, I earn anywhere up to £2000 a day, I work about 3 hours a day, some times I do a bit more, some days I don’t work at all. I do it all from home on my laptop. I was shown and given all the skills and tools to this. I am now at a point in my business, that I am now ready to do for others, what this guy did for me and invite, other like minded people to join our work at home employment dream.

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