Employment Opportunities for Woodworkers

Plastic, metal and a variety of other materials have replaced many wood products but the demand for a number of wood objects, in first place furniture remains high and is even expected to rise over the following years due to population growth. Wood is preferred material for furniture worldwide and for that reason skilled and experienced woodworkers should not have any difficulties finding an employment though some types of job in woodworking industry such as machine operators, setters and tenders are estimated to grow more slowly. On the other hand, automatization of many woodworking processes will most likely result in increased demand for woodworkers with computer skills and highly qualified workers from the fields such as wood technology, wood engineering, furniture manufacturing, etc. as well as workers with a high school degree or equivalent education since the woodworking technology has become more sophisticated.

Most woodworkers are employed in industries that make wood (for example sawmills), wooden furniture and other wood products, and small shops producing furniture, architectural wood, wooden artworks, etc. However, increased use of semi or fully automated machinery has opened a new spectrum of woodworking jobs and increased the demand for workers with knowledge and experience in computerized tools and machines such as computerized numerical control (CNC) machines that enables higher precision as well as greater production speeds and subsequently increased productivity.

Employment prospects are also good for model and pattern makers, and skilled woodworkers in the fields of furniture, cabinets, windows, stairs and molding. Custom and precision woodworkers are most sought after by smaller woodworking companies, while workers who have a college or university education can find employment in engineering, supervision and management. Less qualified woodworkers will significantly increase their employment opportunities in all fields of woodworking industry by getting a high school diploma (if not having it yet) and instructions in science, computer applications and mathematics.

In addition to employment opportunities in woodworking industries, skilled woodworkers and even hobby woodworkers can also start their own business and offer their products/services directly to customers or different woodworking industries. The competition in woodworking is tough but there is always room for innovative products, while many companies prefer to work with contractors rather than employing new workers especially in current economic conditions. In general, most successful are private businesses that are specialized in one niche, for example cabinet making. Starting own business can be also a good source of additional income.

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