Employment Guide for a Successful Job Search

This employment guide guides you in landing your dream job. You can say the jobs are in short supply because of the economic meltdown. Then, there are competitors with the same credentials as yours. We believe though that if a job is meant for you, it is yours. You must never rest until you have gained results of your labor.

Do not be contented with just handing out one resume to one company. Send out as many applications to companies as possible but be sure that you are applying for a job your qualifications would meet. Search for these dream jobs at search engine sites like Monster, Craigslist and JobStreet. These sites update their job classifieds daily.

Check the list of your friends and colleagues and see if you can ask someone to network you to a company with vacancy. Let them act as your employment guide. Do not be afraid to inquire as sometimes, these people have knowledge on vacancies that are not advertised in local classifieds.

You can join a network of like-minded individuals with the same profession as you have. They might have access to vacancies. If you are a member of the local architectural club, ask your fellow members for leads. This is one purpose of joining these groups.

Make a strong resume but don’t make up false credentials. This is your marketing tool. Write all the important facts in as few words as possible. Employers don’t like reading 3 pages of credentials unless if it is necessary. Mention only the experiences and trainings that are related to the vacancy. Don’t lie in your resume. If you don’t know how to edit images, don’t put that you are expert in Corel or Photoshop.

Also, check for grammatical errors in your paper. One blunder always mentioned by a seasoned employment guide is failure to proofread the resume. Employers are turned off once they see these errors, concluding that you don’t invest enough time in your application.

Educate yourself on your potential employer. Read about the company’s mission and vision. Learn about the nature of the business. Your potential employer would put additional points on you if he sees you took time in the research.

Prepare for a potential interview anytime soon. Always be prepared for that company call. Have your suits pressed and your portfolio tucked in your folder. Just remember that you need effort in finding your dream job. Find a credible employment guide, fortify your profile, and get results. You won’t get your dream job sitting at home.

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