Using Pre-Employment Testing to Screen Job Applicants

The hiring process can be complicated as you assess applicants to find the best one for your vacant position. You might consider screening people who apply for positions to narrow your selection and help you find the best candidates for the job.

Pre-employment testing may include a variety of different evaluations. These analyses can check cognitive aptitude, basic and specialized knowledge, skill sets, motor and physical abilities, intelligence, grammar and language skills, personality, and ethics. For example, if you have a position that requires a specific skill set or personality, you can use tools tailored precisely for the job you are trying to fill.

Pre-employment testing can also evaluate the ethics and integrity of job candidates to eliminate people who may be potential risks due to negative attitudes and personality traits. You can also include drug and chemical testing in your screening.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Employers who use the standard screening process of collecting resumes and applications and hold holding job interviews can miss many important details about candidates, but resumes and job applications can be deceptive, and interviews may not be a reliable indicator of a candidate’s future job performance. Employers who screen applicants can experience a number of benefits.

– When you analyze applicants prior to making a hiring decision, you can save time because you will be more likely to hire the best person from the start. Making hiring mistakes results in lost time and even lost revenue as you struggle with employee problems, potential customer service issues, and extended training time.

– Checking people prior to hiring also increases productivity, because you are more likely to hire better workers with a higher work ethic.

– You may find that your overall employee moral increases with pre-employment testing.

Choosing the Type of Screening

If you decide you want to use pre-employment testing in your hiring process, explore the different packages available to ensure that you choose one that fits your needs.

– Evaluations vary according to industry, so choose one that checks for issues applicable to your employees and type of business.

– Explore the scoring model of any evaluations. Check to see how valid the results are and how the tests certify results.

– Check the questions to ensure that they are not offensive or too personal. Questions should not violate Equal Employment Opportunity laws.

Moving forward with this type of screening will require time for scoring and then analysis of the scores. However, you should find that you can process a large pool of candidates much more quickly and efficiently when you analyze and test aptitude, skills, and personality. In the long run, your business should benefit from this screening process, because it helps you find the ideal employees to fill positions in your company.

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