3 Core Pre-Employment Screening Tools

In the pre-employment screening process, HR practitioners use different tools to make sure they could choose the right candidate. In this article, I will lay out three pre-employment screening tools with brief explanation:

– Psychometric testing: The root of psychometric testing comes from the analysis of different family members and their styles and behaviors. These tools which used to analyze family member behaviors were gradually revised for personal development purposes and later on employment screening purposes.

There are no right or wrong answers for the psychometric testing result because the world is different and everybody is different. For instance, some people might like to look at things from the big picture point of view while other people would like to look into at things by breaking it down into parts. There is nothing wrong to do so for both approaches.

The power for using psychometric testing for employment purposes come from the fact that these psychometric testing organizations have done researches and collected norms that show certain industry and certain position would fit the best for individuals who possess certain behavior trait. Furthermore, these psychometric testing organizations could then integrate an organization’s core competencies and specific position requirement into the psychometric tools. That’s how these tools claim to be able to help you to find the job candidate best matches with the organization and position requirement.

– Ability testing: While psychometric testing tools could assess a job candidate’s fit for the position from the mindset point of view, ability testing tools could assess a job candidate’s specific skill sets. Nowadays, ability testing tool organizations become more and more creative. Language test, typing test and various different testing tools for a specific skill were developed for different job type and industry.

– Background check: By doing different background check such as criminal record check, credit history check, civil litigation check, reference check and education verification, you can assess the job candidate’s integrity as well as their general fit for your organization. Reference check result could also be used to understand the job candidate’s previous work performance and cross check the results from ability testing, psychometric testing and interview.

Make sure you understand the specific tools you are using for your screening process. Each specific tool is designed for a different specific purpose. To make sure you achieve the best result, make sure you could integrate and consolidate all the results from these screening tools to make the hiring decision.

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